Welcome to the site that brings everything in one place: business, hobbies & entertainment. I want to welcome to my best web development to this day, with HTML 5 and works offline. Using the lastest trends in web development.

Every piece of work of this site. I've done with my style and big part of who I am as Web Developer. What I like to offer people: simple the best. A place where you can get to know about my work,hobbies and my entertainment sites.


Always thought a place that you could have everything in one site.

• Business: You can view what I can offer you: web/software development,software/hardware assistant

                   and buy products online.

• Hobbies: What I do when I am not working, Djing music and racing my NS R32.

• Entertainment: Are sites that I've made with the idea; "What I want in web in one place?".  We have a

                  Business Network ( BNET), a sharing document sites (BDULOAD) and social racer page (BRACE).


All my sites including this, I've made with alot  hard work in details and funtionality. Hope you enjoy Digital Life in

all bryandre sites.


What is Bryandre.com?

Is digital life. Business + Hobbies + Entertainment.





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